Telehealth Service

You Can Practice Social Distancing and Still See Your Physical


Smart Body Physical Therapy has launched telehealth to
better serve you during this crisis, as well as into the future.


Telehealth services allow your therapist to assess your movements and
guide you through exercises and pain-relieving techniques, advised on
self management strategies and provide personalized recommendations to
help guide you through your full plan of care.


Insurance coverage for telehealth services during the COVID-19 crisis
is evolving.


If your insurance covers telehealth, we will bill your insurance and
you will pay the normal patient responsibility.


If your insurance does not cover telehealth or we are unsure whether
it will be covered, we will cap the patient responsibility at $55 for
regular follow up visit with our Smart Body PT providers and $99 for a
longer more complicated visit or new evaluation.  We will ask you to
pay that amount at the time of service, await processing by your
insurance company and then refund any overpayment.


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