• I love this place! I was referred here after my surgery from The Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine and wow! I did not understand Physical therapy and what it could do for me. My therapist is so down to earth and amazing. I am recovering well and I am healthier and stronger than before. She even gives me home work and helps me to use my body and lift properly with my daily life. Especially with my special needs child. Thank you all! You have been a huge blessing!

    Jolene R.
  • I love this place and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I needed PT and had dreaded each time I had to go because of the pain but they helped me tremendously with special exercises and stimulation there at Smart Body.

    Lydia T.
  • I just want to say I was very Skeptical about going to PT for my issues but these people are Amazing! I was Embarrassed by my problems they made me feel so comfortable and relax to where i could understand how they would help me I’m still a working progress but I can see big difference! I tip my hat to all of the professional and staff there! Very friendly too!

    Dina M.