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Please feel free to contact us at
(904) 296-4140

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Smart Body University

A series of community lectures intended to educate you about your body, how it works and what to do to prevent injuries! We started this series as a part of our mission to, not only treat pain and musculoskeletal injuries, but also, help people understand the "why" behind the pain or injury they are experiencing. This series is completely free to our patients and the public. We hope that you will RSVP prior to attending as seating is limited! Hope to see you there!

RSVP to meghan.vanbussum@

Former Smart Body University Topics

Bellies, Bladders, & Bras...Oh My! Thursday, June 18th
at 6:30
Pay it Forward to our Heroes in Uniform! Thursday, November 13th
at 6:30
"You Were Born to Run"
by Dr. Arbian Benga, DPT
Tuesday, March 25th
at 6:30
"Steps for Conquering Chronic Pain"
by Dr. Ryland Austin, DPT
Tuesday, January 28th
at 6:30
ACL Workshop Saturday November 16th
From 10:30 to 12pm
ACL Workshop Saturday October 5th
From 10:30 to 12pm
Don't Be Paralyzed by Your Pain!
by Dr. Ryland Austin, DPT
Tuesday, Sept 17th at 6:30pm
ACL Tear Prevention Program July 15th-August 21st 2013
"Don't Shrug off Shoulder Pain" by Dr. Ryland Austin June 2013
"Posture and Bone Health" by Dr. Arbian Benga, DPT May 2013
"Don't Let Joint Pain Keep You from Your Weight Loss Goals" by Dr. J. Ryland Austin, DPT
February 2013
"Top 3 Pitfalls of a Chronic Runner" by Dr. Ryland Austin January 2013
"Keeping Your Back Safe This Holiday Season" by Dr. Arbian Benga, DPT December 2012
"How Can Physical Therapy Help You After an Auto or Other Acute Injury?" by Dr. J. Ryland Austin, DPT November 2012
The Diabetic Foot by Dr. Vimal Reddy, Podiatrist September 2012
Non-Backbreaking Backpacks"--Help Your Kids Have a Pain Free Back This School Year! August 2012
Vertigo: How can a Physical Therapist help? June 2012

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